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PM IconPlot Maestro is a plotting program but also allows you to plot graphs the old fashioned way using graph paper. It can print high resolution, accurately scaled graph paper for 20 of the most popular graph paper types including various square types (English and Metric), full log, semi-log, polar and isometric-orthographic types. Students can now print their own graph paper.

Plot Maestro has full support for plotting data sets of x, y data pairs. The program can also calculate and plot the best fit curve to the data set using linear, exponential, logarithmic or power curve fits and will calculate the coefficient of determination. This allows the student to determine which method produces the best fit. Up to 10 different data sets may be plotted on the same chart.

Plot Maestro may also plot any formula. Formulas may be entered using a simple BASIC like syntax and may include more than 50 built in functions, 18 operators and any number of user defined constants. Formulas may also contain variables that can be evaluated at run time. Up to 10 different formulas may be plotted on a single chart.

Plot Maestro also includes a calculator that can evaluate any expression and an equation solver that can calculate the roots to any equation.

Plot Maestro is a 32 bit program and requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.

Program features:

  • Single and group user licenses are available.
  • Extensive context sensitive on-line help.
  • Use any desired variable for the independent and dependent variables.
  • Automatically scale axis when values exceed user specified values.
  • Specify axis width and curve widths.
  • Specify the number of significant digits to display.
  • Specify the desired delimiter to use when exporting data sets.
  • Specify different colors for the chart title, formula or data set name, formula, tick labels, axis, and curve.
  • Option to print charts in black only and still view them in color.
  • All charts and graph paper may be exported to emf (enhanced metafile) files.
  • All charts and graph paper may be copied to the clipboard and pasted into other programs at full resolution (not as a bitmap).
  • Zoomable print preview of all charts and graph paper. Panning is also supported.
  • Print to any system printer in portrait or landscape modes.
  • Specify margins for exact chart placement on a page.
  • Add, edit and delete any constants.
  • Constants can have a name, value, units and description.
  • Functions, constants and operators may be manually entered or easily pasted into the current expression.
  • Save any number of formulas and data sets for future use.
  • Full control over x and y scale ranges.
  • Automatic tick label generation using nice values.
  • Full control over the number of grid lines you want to display. Full control over how often you want tick labels.
  • Use different line styles to distinguish between different curves.
  • Use different line widths and colors to distinguish between different curves.
  • Scale the y axis independently, either automatically or manually.
  • Full control over the x and y axis labels.
  • Optionally include the axis, tick marks, tick labels, grid, formula and data set names, and formula on any chart.
  • Use up to 4 different fonts, font sizes, and colors on each chart.
  • Edit any existing formula or data set.
  • Data may be added to a data set manually, by pasting in from another program or by importing directly from a file.
  • Data set data may be exported to a file or copied to the clipboard.
  • Edit existing data set points individually.
  • All charts allow you to click on any point to get the current x, y position.
  • Specify the default settings for new formulas and data sets.


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